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Simply put, we take ideas and make them real. DanaStephens Media specializes in everything digital. From App Development to website design to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing all the way down to Content Creation.

Based off passion and continuous research, we aim to inspire, innovate and intrigue.


Trend Setters

We create custom Digital Marketing plans and Media assets to assist in the scaling of businesses.

We are a team of specialized experts in every realm of technology and branding and are prepared to offer you the best in Digital Marketing and Media solutions and support for your company.


Align marketing metrics with revenue


Check out our latest case study on our client where we drove up sale through keywords

Our SEO experts ran a highly optimized SEO campaign to start generating organic traffic and eventual leads.


Scale Your Social Media



5-7 Posts Per Week

2-3 Social Channel

  • Checkmark Trending Hashtags
  • Checkmark Licensed Images
  • Checkmark Scheduled Posts
  • Checkmark 3 Point Inspection
  • Checkmark Quality Assurance Audit
  • Checkmark Monthly Reporting



7-10 Posts Per Week

2-3 Social Channel

  • Trending Hashtags
  • Licensed Images
  • Scheduled Posts
  • 3 Point Inspection
  • Quality Assurance Audit
  • Monthly Reporting

Need clarification?

What social media profiles does DSM post on?

Currently, DSM posts to six different social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. DSM does not post to any other social media platforms besides the ones mentioned above. There's no limit in word count with the exception of Twitter. Twitter has a 280 character limit. We try to keep the captions short unless the clients have specific messages they need to send out.

Is DSM content SEO optimized?

The content team considers SEO when writing content. Before publishing, our team makes sure SEO is incorporated on the post. If you are receiving SEO services along with content services, our SEO team would perform additional optimizations on the content pieces after they are approved and published.

How long does it take to start ranking for keywords?

Every campaign is different, and some keywords have more search volume then others, which means they are more competitive and harder to rank for. It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing significant ranking improvements for competitive keywords.

How do I know which SEO plan is good for me?

Our SEO campaigns are built on different tiers based on the website’s page size. For example, if your website has 1 to 10 pages, you should be in the SEO Pro plan. If your website has 11 to 20 pages, you should be in the SEO Plus plan. If your website has 21 to 30 pages, you should be in the SEO Premium plan. If the website has 31+ pages, you should be in the SEO Platinum plan.

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